About Us.


We are more than just a pole studio...

Welcome to LexyRoQ Pole Studios

Coming into our fifth year, located in Waterloo London, LexyRoQ is known for it's fun, loving, passionate and inspiring place with amazing people.

Everyone who walks through the door are welcome no MATTER what previous skill or lack o skill. You are here to learn and I am here to teach you, inspire you, love you and turn you into a star.

We are passionate about technique and core strength. 

Our classes are very mixed throughout the hour lesson.  Incorporating, intense stretching, drills and conditioning, our classes are so busy that your feet will hardly touch the ground.

Due to PPL, we are restricted to playing only Royaloty Free music, so please note that we are not liable for any videos posted with Music.

We have a strict one person per pole policy from Intermediate A +. 

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