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Beginners – 2 Per Pole

Welcome to Pole Dance. We will teach you the very basic movements of Pole dance. You will learn how Front Hook, Kate Moss, Back Hook and roll around on the floor like you have been doing it for years. 


Brilliant Basics

Are you struggling to get up that damn pole. Maybe need an extra class that focuses on the things that you struggle with? This class will help you understand the reason why hands are in certain places,and legs in other.  This classes places no pressure on any student. We are here to help.


Intermediate A

Now you're serious about Pole. Dancing on our feet is a thing of the past. You are going to learn how to climb the pole effortlessly, lay back and stay on! This class is the start of our focus on Strength.

You will learn how to  Inverts, Gemini, Scorpio, Pike, Inverts, Butterfly, Did I mention Inverts? Butterfly extension, Cross knee release and learning how to incorporate all of these hard moves into a 3 minute dance...WOW!


Intermediate B

Inverts? Basic. Pencil Spin into Invert! You come to pole every week, fight the sweat and the realise the determination you have to get that pencil spin invert!. Learn transitions from Gemini, Pike into Scorpio, and maybe do a Scorpio leg grab. How about replacing the pike with a straddle. Thigh holds? You got it!, Starting to learn the burn and strength of the Superman, Cross ankle release and much more.


Intermediate C

TWO classes recommended for improvement

Shoulder Mounts, Candy Grips, Vertical Splits, Holy Drops, Tuck. There is no cheating in these movements. All require strength, determination and most of all... commitment.


Prep Advanced


No time wasting in this class. Our signature moves, Holy Drop, Jade Split, Dragontail, Felicity- You cant improve without consistency so min two per week is a must.


Physco Advanced.

The name says it all. Broken Doll – Birds of Paradise, OUCH.


Pole Play

Unassisted, This class is for people to work on their pole moves in their own time without someone telling them to point their feet